Black Friday 2018 Sales

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It’s that time of year again! This year there are so many sales, it can become very overwhelming, very quickly. As you scurry through the abundance of online ads, or search pointlessly for what you’re wanting + black Friday deals into google, you start to worry, afraid you’ll miss the good deals, but no fear. I’ll try to hit the high points on the sales that just shouldn’t be overlooked.

First, let’s start with the huge purchase items for gaming, like consoles and computer equipment. The best deal for an Xbox 1 X is going to be found at Best Buy. They’re selling the special edition Battlefield V console with Battlefield V, Battlefield 1, and Battlefield 1943. Also, you’ll get an additional controller all for $430. If you’re just interested in the console, the best deal can be found on eBay, buying the console only for $380. The next console that is quickly rising through the ranks is the Nintendo Switch. There are not many great sales listed for this console, but at BestBuy you can get the Fortnite bundle or at Wal-Mart you can get the Mario Kart 8 bundle, these are both listed at $300, so you’re basically getting a free game with the console, based off the bundle you choose. Next up is for PC gamers, if you’re wanting to upgrade your current setup, or purchase an entirely new gaming system, Newegg is having the best sales for Black Friday that I’ve seen so far. Last, but not least, the best holiday console discount is for the PS4 Spiderman Bundle. Spiderman won the best game of the year award, and the PS4 slim bundle with Spiderman can be purchased for only $200!

Now, let’s talk content sales! There are way too many individual sales at local shops to pinpoint the best deals; however, the xbox game store is showing some decent deals. Games up to 65% off; popular titles like CoD Black Ops 4, $48; Fifa 19, $30, and many more. The best deal on the game store is Gold & Game Pass costing only $1/month each. For the PS4, the game store is having discounts up to 80% off select game titles. The best accessory deal is going to be the controllers at Wal-Mart for $40 and VR bundles there also for $200 & $250.

On side note, Blizzard is hosting it’s own Black Friday deals. All the highlights were posted today and can be seen here.

Best of luck with your holiday shopping! 🙂

Blizzard Museum is Updated!

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The Blizzard Museum is a wonderful place for us WoW nerds, especially the ones that love the lore behind the game. World of Warcraft is a different brand of game because of how immersive it can truly be for the players. It has its own history, culture, and experience. Gamers can decide how much of a WoW experience they want and read the books, study the history that goes into each story, and experience every aspect of this world. However, this isn’t required to have fun and understand what’s going on. Some players in WoW simply enjoy the gameplay and don’t pay much attention to the lore, and that’s ok. It’s rare to find a game that can be so immersive and people can enjoy it so much that they can continue to love it and learn about it even when they’re not playing.

For those of you that want to know more, that want to experience more of the game in a hands-on (IRL) experience, I recommend a trip to Irvine, CA. Before you make your plans though, start here-> send an email to [email protected] Include your full name (matching your ID), email address, and your age and preferred tour date. Then you wait. All tours are FREE and are typically scheduled towards the end of the month. So don’t just show up, they won’t let you in. Once you get your confirmation email, you can begin planning your trip.


So, what can you expect to get out of this trip? You will see the theater, library, common areas of the campus (they’ll share interesting facts along the way), and the coolest part, you’ll see the updated Blizzard Museum! Their newest exhibit is all about Battle for Azeroth. In this museum, you’ll see art, props, and like any other museum, history. The history of Azeroth.

For those that can make the dream trip, here are a few images from Blizzard’s website sharing their updated museum photos.

Share in the comments below on what you think about Blizzard’s Museum. 🙂

Blizzard’s Charity Pet Campaign 2018

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Just like every year, around the time of the holiday season, Blizzard starts to run its charity campaign. This is one area of the company that far surpasses other companies and sets a very high precedence.

As stated on their site, “When you purchase the in-game pet by December 31, 2018 either in the Blizzard Shop or from the in-game shop, we’ll donate 100% of the purchase price* to” This lets gamers feel good about making this purchase, knowing that while we get a small gift, we are giving back to communities all over the world.

So, what is It is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to expanding access to computer sciences in schools and it also focuses on increasing the opportunities for computer sciences for women and minorities. Every year hosts the event #hourofcode; this event is one hour of programming that is taught to students and anyone that wants to participate around the world. Last year, this reached 10% of students, which is fantastic. Computer programming and coding has proven in the last few years that it is becoming an integral part of society, so it’s important for our children to learn these skills.

Also, anytime anyone is wanting to have a crash course on coding, all they have to do is head over to and start playing some games. These games start by teaching the very basics, and are pretty entertaining.

I think Blizzard chose wisely this year and I can’t wait to get my Whomper. 🙂

If in game pets aren’t your thing, you can still support the cause by purchasing a plushie Whomper in the Blizzard Gear Store.

Check out and maybe try your hand at the tutorial and learn some coding. Or just help support others that want to learn and make our future a little better. 🙂

What You Missed At Blizzcon 2018

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This year at Blizzcon there were a few really big announcements, I’ll highlight them here for you.

The first is that Destiny 2 is completely free on PC, until November 18th.So if you haven’t downloaded it, now is your chance!

Next, Overwatch released a new short that goes more into McCree’s background and to also introduce the new Overwatch character, Ashe.

Ashe is a pretty cool character; she is a hero that can deal some serious damage and her ultimate is her robo companion, Bob. She’s playable on the PTR and is so much fun, I think she will be on Live just in time for the Holiday season.

Overwatch seemed to be a big focus this year at Blizzcon, they also release several new Lego sets for the Overwatch brand. As of now, you can purchase Lego sets for Tracer, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Genji, Soldier: 76, D. Va, Pharah, McCree, Reinhardt, Reaper, Winston, and Mercy. This is marked as wave 1, so I’ll be willing to bet that even more hero sets will be coming soon.

Diablo is getting a completely mobile interface called Diablo immortal. This will be available on iOS and Andriod and will be a full MMO RPG.

And the last big thing I want to mention is of course, what is Blizzard doing for World of Warcraft? It seems like the Horde will be faced with a huge choice. For the first time, game devs are letting you choose how your story will be played, but it seems like the ending is already set. So you’ll get to decide to follow Sylvanas or Saurfang; Sylvanas has been pretty sketchy as of late and it’s no wonder the Horde is fracturing under her leadership.

Share in the comments on what you think the outcome may be or how you feel about Sylvanas’ leadership of the Horde.

Hallow’s End is Here!

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It’s almost Halloween and with that rides in the infamous headless horseman. If you haven’t stolen his mount, maybe this will be your lucky year. Last year we saw a lot of goodies added, so I was expecting at least a few new things, but it seems there is only one. A new Hearthstone? That’s it, the new Headless Horseman Hearthstone is worth 150 Tricky Treats and it will return you to your last saved inn.

So the major issue here for me is Undercity. Here was a perfect opportunity for Blizzard to do something great with this event. Instead, you still have the Alliance quests of them bombing Undercity…even though Undercity has been completely destroyed?!?

So here’s the TL;DR of what you may want this Hallow’s End it started yesterday, October 18th, and will go to November 1st, 2018.

Anyone that is 120 and can use 335 loot, should kill the Horseman daily, especially if you don’t have the mount yet. Remember even alts can kill him daily, as long as they are level 21 or higher. (If you really want to boost your chances at the mount) Also if you’re into playing your alts right now, or if your mains need rep, burn the Wickerman outside Stormwind and Undercity for the exp & rep boost of 10% lasting for 2 hours.

If you like farming the Tricky Treats, you can purchase the following.

Naxxy, undead pet, 150 treats. (Can be resold)

Xavius, Deathwing, Lich King, or Grommash Costumes, 200 treats each.

Horse Head and Horse Tail, 150 treats each.

Heirloom Armor Upgrade, 450 treats.

Various Masks and Wands, 2-5 treats each.

Don’t forget there’s lots of toys and transmog that are easy to get right now, so if that’s your thing, I recommend this guide from WowHead. And if you really want to try hard, you can go for the title- ___the Hallowed. Goodluck!