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Dying Normalized: A Nioh Review

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Dying (sometimes repeatedly) is nothing new to the video gaming world. Since the beginning, we gamers have been subjected to the whims of the gaming gods. We play, die, lose all our lives, come back again and beat the level… only to die again on the next. In modern gaming, however, developers have made dying completely unimportant. Sure, we die …

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3 VR Games You Still Need to Play

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VR has gone from a novelty to a must have for most hardcore gamers in the past two years. With hundreds of releases and ports from major studios and indie developers, it can be hard to keep up. Many VR games end up not being worth the hype. But, some games stand the test of time and are still worth …

The Dangerous Game Nintendo is Playing With the Switch

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Atari had a nice run, but Nintendo is the godfather of modern gaming. It was the original NES console that really made the video game industry what is today. It was the Gameboy that really pioneered the current $50 billion dollar mobile gaming market. However, except for the successful Wii, Nintendo has been on a steady decline since its early …