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  1. I can’t stand having to pay for additional items within games. Maybe I’m showing my age but I prefer to just pay once and that is it.

  2. Interesting point about players not knowing the value of in game currency. I never thought of it that way. I don’t like where things are going with pay per item stuff either but I guess we don’t have a lot of say in it unfortunately.

  3. Unfortunately, out of game economies will always to precedent over in-game ones. the developers of the big name games know what makes money, and that’s what will continue to drive the gaming experience.

  4. I have no problem paying fees for a good game. If you give me high quality gaming coupled with decent customer service, you can have my $15 a month. I spend more on coffee in a week.

  5. Bummer about the introduction of paying for stuff within games. I agree that pay to play seems like it would have been a classier, more inspiring way of playing games. But I bet there are still games that have more of a level playing field — they’re probably just lesser known.

  6. I think that the in-game economies will never be as strong as the real world versions to many of us, but the idea behind it being just as important to the mind itself is a valid one. I agree with you and think that more people should see it that way as well.

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