Heroic: Yor’sahj the Unsleeping – Prenerf

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At the start of the week we attempted to kill this boss with three restoration druids. Clearly that wasn’t going to work…..

1) Sit resto druids for superior alt healers – CHECK
2) Sit a main tank for an alt DK tank – CHECK
3) Find obscure ways to maximize our shitty DPS! – SUCCESS

After a few 3.5% wipes we managed to pull out a kill before the hotfix nerf (which wasn’t live right away, guess it needed a tuesday server reset?). This was a difficult and fun fight, and I imagine this pre-nerf version will end up being one of the better heroics in Dragon Soul.

VIDEO – Holy Paladin PoV
VIDEO – Hunter PoV


Oh and we also killed Hagara but who cares.

VIDEO – Hunter PoV

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